When you donate to HWOL, you are helping those in need. Besides offering hearing aids to needy seniors, we offer a number of ancillary services as well, such as mobile hearing testing, free meals or snacks for the communities we visit, procuring free, perpetual battery supplies for the seniors we serve, and we’re also expanding our mobile testing to help seniors even more by acquiring a van with a chairlift.So these are the areas where your donation could be spent, but where will it be spent? IT’S UP TO YOU. Are you more stoked about batteries than anything else? Let us know, and that’s where your money will go. Would rather focus on food for our lunches? That’s where we will funnel your donation.

Furthermore, we offer three tiers of recognition for those who donate. Those who donate $100 or more are JACKHAMMER DONATORS. If you give $500 or more, you are a ROCK CONCERT DONATOR. Donations of $1000 or more qualify as JET ENGINE DONATORS.


Do you prefer to see your donation come to a fruition that you can see and understand in a personal way? Then why not sponsor a senior? For (x dollars), you will help a senior from beginning to end in the hearing aid process, from testing, to fitting, to paperwork, and everything in between.

You will receive the age, gender, location, and other information about the specific senior whose life you changed, and it’s a great way to make a real difference. Sponsor a senior today!


When a senior in need gets a new hearing aid, that is not the end of the line or the expense for that senior. Hearing aids run on batteries, and virtually no insurance program, public or private, covers batteries or their cost.

That’s where you come in. For (x dollars) a month, you can keep a senior stocked with fresh batteries in perpetuity, and lift a great weight off their shoulders.


While most of the seniors we serve receive a brand new hearing aid, we also operate a hearing aid recycling program. When we receive a previously-owned hearing aid, it must be recased and refitted to make it as good as new and maintain the dignity of the senior receiving it.

Help us offset the costs associated with repurposing hearing aids by adding to our hearing aid recasing fund!


Getting your hearing checked is often a burdensome process for a senior in need that can involve getting across town to sit and wait in a dreary, unfamiliar office.

Hearing Without Limits addresses that with our mobile testing unit, which allows us to test seniors right where they live, providing convenience and dignity.

We would like to expand our mobile testing unit by upgrading our facilities and procuring a van with a chairlift. You can help us realize that goal by giving to our mobile testing fund today.


We serve low-income seniors that are undercovered or are uncovered by insurance, but their hardship does not begin and end with hearing. Many also struggle to get by with food. That’s why we always provide snacks or meals for every community we serve, and we partner with local restaurants to make this happen.

To help us feed a senior in need today, please consider giving to our “Open Ears, Full Stomachs” program.


Not certain where you would like your donation spent? Just want to see it go to the program with the greatest need? Equally excited about all of our programs? Then consider donating to our general fund, where your help will go to wherever it is needed most.

We strive for low overhead and maximum efficiency, so you can be assured that your donation will go to the area of greatest need. Donating to our general fund is just a click away!