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When you donate to HWOL, you are helping those in need. Besides offering hearing aids to needy seniors, we offer a number of ancillary services as well, such as mobile hearing testing, free meals or snacks for the communities we visit, procuring free, perpetual battery supplies for the seniors we serve, and we’re also expanding our mobile testing to help seniors even more by acquiring a van with a chairlift.

So these are the areas where your donation could be spent, but where will it be spent? IT’S UP TO YOU. Are you more stoked about batteries than anything else? Let us know, and that’s where your money will go. Would rather focus on food for our lunches? That’s where we will funnel your donation.

Furthermore, we offer three tiers of recognition for those who donate. Those who donate $100 or more are JACKHAMMER DONATORS. If you give $500 or more, you are a ROCK CONCERT DONATOR. Donations of $1000 or more qualify as JET ENGINE DONATORS


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