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When you donate to HWOL, you are helping those in need. Besides offering hearing aids to needy seniors, we offer a number of ancillary services as well, such as mobile hearing testing, free meals or snacks for the communities we visit, procuring free, perpetual battery supplies for the seniors we serve, and we’re also expanding our mobile testing to help seniors even more by acquiring a van with a chairlift.

So these are the areas where your donation could be spent, but where will it be spent? IT’S UP TO YOU. Are you more stoked about batteries than anything else? Let us know, and that’s where your money will go. Would rather focus on food for our lunches? That’s where we will funnel your donation.

Furthermore, we offer three tiers of recognition for those who donate. Those who donate $100 or more are JACKHAMMER DONATORS. If you give $500 or more, you are a ROCK CONCERT DONATOR. Donations of $1000 or more qualify as JET ENGINE DONATORS

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Want to join a worthy and necessary cause? Look no further. We are always looking for people who can assist us in a multitude of ways. We are always on the lookout for motivated interpreters, administrators, clerical workers, outreach coordinators, and support staff to represent us at health fairs and other campaigns.

Attorneys, accountants, and those possessing other professional skills and qualifications are also welcome and needed. We are also always looking for worthy candidates to join our Advisory Board.

But even if you have no specialized skills, you can still help us! Contact us and let us know what sort of volunteer work you would like to do, and we will try to find or create a role for you

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Hearing Aid Recycling

Do you have a hearing aid you no longer need? Why don’t you donate it to a senior who really needs it? At Hearing Without Limits, we collect previously-owned hearing aids and prepare them for use again for seniors whose lives are changed by getting their hearing back. Contact us if you would like more information on how to donate your hearing aid.

mumasoodHearing Aid Recycling
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Open Ears, Full Stomachs

When we visit a senior center, housing project, or senior community, we are aware that hearing aid expense is not the only hardship impoverished seniors face. That’s why on each visit, we also provide snacks for the community, and for larger events and campaigns, a full meal. We partner with local restaurants and businesses to create meals that are filling, nutritious, and delicious.

mumasoodOpen Ears, Full Stomachs
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Mobile Hearing Testing

We go to senior centers, housing projects, nursing homes, and senior community centers to test seniors’ hearing onsite. That way, the seniors we serve – many of whom have mobility issues – do not have to travel across town or even across the street to get their hearing checked. Performing testing in the seniors’ home environment not only is convenient to them, but more comfortable and dignified.

We are always looking to upgrade our mobile testing facilities. Please consider donating and help make a real difference

mumasoodMobile Hearing Testing
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Hearing Aids For Seniors

This is the heart of what we do. For qualifying seniors, we provide hearing aids at no cost to them. We work with healthcare providers to assist seniors in receiving a hearing aid. We also assist those with no insurance coverage of any kind; no one is too undercovered or too in need for us to work with. We also take on the paperwork associated with working with providers and hearing aid companies, making it an easy, worry-free process for those we serve. A large portion of the seniors we serve are not native English speakers, and we have interpreters for Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Korean, Persian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish, and Armenian speakers.

While most of the hearing aids we provide are new, we also operate a hearing aid recycling program.

mumasoodHearing Aids For Seniors
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