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The prologue to Hearing Without Limits started in 1999 when our founder, coming from the hearing aid industry, noticed the lack of resources for low-income seniors to get hearing aids, or even to have their hearing tested. He started looking for ways to connect hearing aids with low-income seniors free of charge.

Since then, we have helped over 2,000 seniors get hearing aids at no cost to them, have provided free hearing tests to 8,000 seniors, and diversified the organization’s outreach with a multitude of senior-focused programs. We accomplish this by liaising with community leaders, both public and private, that work with seniors (such as staff coordinators for senior centers or landlords at senior housing communities), and offer them onsite hearing tests.

With continued support, we hope to upgrade our mobile testing facility, expand our geographical purview, and help more seniors.

Hearing Without Limits is a charity organization helping seniors in California and Nevada.

Director: Nina Ligvani

email: info@hearingwithoutlimits.org

Many, if not most, of the seniors we serve are not native English speakers. That’s why we provide interpreters in many languages.

With our mobile testing units, seniors can get their hearing checked where they live.

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